Where is video headed in 2018?

Over the past decade, technical standards used for video delivery, interactivity, and verification became increasingly complex. The number and variety of video channels expanded and the performance of video was hard to measure across channels. This year, we will start to see more clarity on how to benchmark video against industry-led standards. Late last year the IAB announced its intention to retire the VPAID format in a bid to simplify the digital video landscape. Instead, the IAB Tech Lab intends to build on VAST 4.0, creating a standardised approach to video ad delivery and measurement across all environments. As the industry’s technical capabilities progress, the appetite for third-party verification continues to increase. Positive signs were seen last year, when it was announced that Google had agreed to open up YouTube inventory for a measurement audit by the Media Ratings Council (MRC), including the integration of verification partners to report on viewability metrics.